December 2021


New CYF coordinator | Advent and Christmas 2021
UPDATE - With sadness and abundance of caution, in-person worship has been cancelled for the foreseeable future as we continue to monitor the ongoing situation with COVID-19

Coordinating Minister's Report

Maggie Enwright, Coordinating Minister
  • The Visioning Core Team and the consultants are working on final rewrites of the report in mid-December. We anticipate it will be completed by December 20 and ready for Council's consideration in January.

Arts Committee

Heather Swallow, Chair
  • Carols on the Lawn (weather permitting) For Thursday, December 16 at 6:30 pm
  • Eight to ten participants took home meaningful creations from Merrilee Thompson's Advbenty Altar workshop. Lenten spiritual practice sessions are being considered. Coming up - plans for a hybrid online/in-person January 21 Coffee-less House are proceeding.
  • Thank you to Barry Morgan and Kathleen Barber for making the lawn "creche" happen. The online Advent calendar is being recycled and has received good reviews so far. 

Children Youth and Family Committee

Irene Griffiths, Chair
  • A warm welcome to Isabella (Bella) Harned, our new Children, Youth and Family Coordinator. She began her work at Pacific Spirit on November 25, 2021. Her contract extends until June 30, 2022.
  • Join in Carol Singing on the Lawn on December 16 at 6:30 pm! All are warmly welcomed to come and join in singing favourite Christmas carols.
  • Come to the all-ages service on Sunday, December 19 at 10:00 am. See the premiere of this year's Christmas Pageant featuring Pacific Spirit's children and youth. Attend in person, follow the live stream, or watch later on Pacific Spirit's Youtube channel.

Finance Committee

Julie Poznanski, Chair
  • Budget for 2022 is being prepared for review at the next congregational meeting.

In-Reach Committee

Sally Ball, Chair
  • No report for December 2021.

Outreach Committee

Patricia Alexis, Chair

First United
  • Focus on First Campaign - all items (undergarments, ponchos, razors and gloves) have been purchased and delivered. 
  • Christmas gifts: Gift cards for each of the 32 residents of the shelter will be purchased and delivered with some Christmas cookies and treats.
  • The staff at First United are thrilled without continued support throughout the year. Due to the pandemic, they have lost many of their regular supporters. It has been a pleasure working with Kristin, the manager, who is able to pinpoint the current needs of their clients.
Climate Action:
  • There is still a lot of room in the January course for Drawdown "Getting Into Action" series. Jean continues to be a very active member of the Drawdown team. Any information or questions can be directed to Jean McTavish.

Ministry and Personnel Committee

Jacqueline Kelly, Chair
  • Janet Livingstone and Jonathan Gardner will be providing some administrative support for an interim period.
  • Checklists are being developed to standardize orienting new employees and debriefing those who are leaving.

Spiritual Nurture Committee

Chris Epting, Chair

  • No report for December 2021.


Doug Smart, Chair
  • A detailed investment review has been received from Connor, Clark & Lunn. A summary report is appended to the December Minutes.

Worship Committee

Merrilee Thompson, Chair

  • Pacific Spirit plans to participate in VST Sunday in January, with either a student or faculty speaker.
  • Following Dr. Bonnie Henry's altered guidelines for worship, the worship committee is proposing that Pacific Spirit's worship service 50% capacity be set at 175. Keeping our attendance at 50% eliminates the need for Covid passport checks.


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