October 2020 Takeaways

The Season of Thanksgiving


CHAIR: Mark Paetkau

  • The congregational meeting will take place on November 29, 2020, by Zoom.
  • A list of Nominations for committee membership and leadership is attached for review prior to the meeting.
  • Postponement of in-person meetings on Sunday morning will continue into 2021 and all other in-person meeting needs will be reviewed monthly.

Arts Committee

CHAIR: Heather Swallow

  • Arts is working with the Rejuvenation committee to showcase congregational art in the entrance of the Memorial Centre, to find a place for the “New Life” Congregational banner from 2018, to replace signage and to enhance other spaces with new and existing art pieces.
  • Next congregational art project will involve combining two pews, one from each legacy church, and painting the backs with a mural or other appropriate design. This item may be displayed in the Narthex or Memorial Centre when complete.
  • An Arts Excursion at the Museum of Anthropology offered in November as a way for congregants to connect outside of the church in space with approved pandemic protocols.

Children Youth and Families

CHAIR: Kathryn Urquhart

  • Envelope decorating for gift cards for Springhouse is underway. Youth groups will be approached to assist in the project, headed by Linda Nelson.
  • Feedback on both Wednesday-night youth groups has been positive and engagement with new kids has increased.
  • Cathy Cryder launched Hot Chocolate Hour on Sunday mornings as a way to engage kids who are not able to attend youth group in person. A possible online evening Vespers Service for youth may also be offered.

Finance Committee

CHAIR: Julie Poznanski

  • We are in much better shape financially than we could have hoped. A combination of steadfast giving by a committed congregation, reduced spending, and extended assistance under the federal wage subsidy program has resulted in a small surplus at September 30. The wage subsidy will now quickly scale down. We are extremely grateful for this federal assistance, which has allowed us to maintain a strong and connected community.
  • We look forward to the sale in November and a positive financial picture, clearing out the many obligations on our books including deficit elimination, replenishing of the Endowment and Bequest Funds, repayment of the roofing loan, and purchase of the corner lot.

In Reach Committee

CHAIR: Sally Ball

  • Nil Roll Report for the month of October.
  • The committee members met to assemble Welcome Care Kits for congregants who may be feeling disconnected from others at this time.

Ministry and Personnel Committee

CHAIR: Arthur Ross

  • Liaison reports from staff indicate few issues except for a continuing concern about the air quality of the sanctuary.
  • The committee has worked to find new members and replace its outgoing chair. The existing M&P committee is content with the anticipated changes.
  • Staff reviews of all staff members (excepting Co-ordinating Minister and Congregational Development Minister) will begin in November.

Nominations Committee

  • Nominations for committees remain open until the Congregational meeting on November 29, 2020
  • Additional nominations can be taken up to November 29 and even from the floor at the meeting – but ensure your nominee is aware that you will recommend them.
  • Committee members are Mark Paetkau, Susan Burns, Janet Cawley, Doug Smart, and Maggie Enwright.

Outreach Committee

COUNCIL REP: Maggie Hosgood

  • First United Partnership Circles are expected to resume once the new minister is settled in.
  • Plans have been made for the Springhouse Christmas program to be streamlined and done as much as possible online. Congregants are invited to take part. Gifts will be cash only this year.
  • Good news! Loyae Taem and his wife Rania (currently in Turkey) are finally in the hands of IRCC and our sponsorship application has been accepted in Ottawa. Loyae is an uncle of two men previously sponsored by legacy congregations in 2011 (both named “Mohamad”).
  • Drawdown Zoom sessions continue on Sunday afternoons for about 15 people with participants as far away as Chicago, Oregon, and Vancouver Island. Stay tuned for activities being planned for the congregation.

Property Oversight Committee (POC)

CHAIR: Janis Esau

  • Various repairs continue to ceiling tiles in Lounge, and to plaster in the sanctuary (with grateful thanks to volunteers who are keeping contractor fees down).
  • Dawn-to-dusk lighting has been added to our exterior doors on the south side of the Memorial Centre and the Gym.
  • Former youth room is now prepared for storage, and the remainder of items have been moved.
  • Mark Mikulec has agreed to be on Council as Property Oversight Chair.

Property Development Committee

CHAIR: Gordon Esau

  • No additional news to share from September.

Rejuvenation Committee

Council Rep: Erin Peters – Report by Maggie Enwright

  • This group continues to work very hard to engage contractors and volunteers in improving our spaces.
  • The rejuvenation plans in the sanctuary have been delayed by the plasterer and crew not being free to begin work until November (and other trades need to follow).
  • Congregants have expressed curiosity about the plans and changes and our Chair of Rejuvenation, Erin Peters, is composing an update to go in the newsletter.

Spiritual Nurture Committee

CHAIR: Chris Epting

  • Book of Isaiah Bible Study meets on Wednesdays at 4pm via Zoom for 15 people at this time.
  • The Third Place meets on Tuesdays outdoors and consists of up to 18 highly motivated participants.
  • Centering Prayer meets Wednesdays at 4 pm via Zoom with 8 – 10 consistent participants.
  • Contemplative Prayer meets Mondays via Zoom

  • Hosted virtual coffee time had 11 groups with 70 participants. Sunday morning drop-in coffee times are offered for all other weeks. November 15 is next hosted coffee time. Contact organizer Doug Smart if you would like to attend but have not yet been approached.


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