May 2021

Arts Committee

Heather Swallow, Chair

  • We have been unable to find a place for the “New Life” banner the merged congregation created together before we even had a formal name. It’s still in remarkably good shape and will remain rolled up and used on appropriate occasions.
  • Two members reviewed materials we have on hand for creating a welcoming display for the entrance of the Memorial Centre.
  • Outdoor display for Pentecost to be constructed on May 22 using natural wind and flame-coloured ribbons.
  • Possible excursion to MOA is being planned for one or two small groups.

Children, Youth & Family Committee

Irene Griffiths, Chair

  • The Pentecost Faith at Home kits were delivered to families by Cathy Cryder last Saturday, May 22.  Faith at Home kits are expected to continue after the COVID pandemic is over, as far as we know, and we have so far ordered our kits for the balance of 2021, through Advent.
  • The Children, Youth and Family committee thanks the church Council for authorizing the expenditure of $500.00 on a gift for Cathy Cryder upon her departure.  We have used the money for create an account for her as Camp Fircom, for Cathy to have a getaway there at a time of her choosing.  Donations from congregation members and adherents will also be presented to Cathy at the event to celebrate her next Sunday.
  • Our committee has also organized the celebration for Cathy, to be held on Zoom after the live on Zoom church service on May 30th.  We expect it to be about 40 minutes long.  Families are encouraged to attend, along with all others from the congregation.  Various items of information about the event have been distributed in the newsletter over the past several weeks.  (Cathy has received a different version of the newsletter, to keep the details of the celebration a secret from her.)  A special Zoom background has been distributed, with instructions about how to install it.  It depicts her favourite heart banner.  Attendees are encouraged to come to the celebration with festive food and drink.  
  • A Hiring Committee is working on finding a Children, Youth and Families minister for one year, while visioning takes place in the congregation.  The posting is up on Church Hub, and the deadline for submissions is June 4.

Finance Committee

Julie Poznanski, Chair

  • Detailed statements for General Fund attached with notations
  • Offerings behind budget on average $2500 per month
  • Two annual securities donations received in April and budget adjusted accordingly – new brokerage service working effectively
  • Not reflected is P14 CEWS application $5,990 submitted this week
  • Accounts payable mostly Rejuvenation, repairs at 2291 W. 45th
  • Rejuvenation close to completion, well within budget
  • Technology upgrades now underway with deposit of $8,207 provided to Promosa to commence work

In-Reach Committee

Sally Ball, Chair

Roll report submitted to Council.

Ministry & Personnel Committee

Jacqueline Kelly, Chair

  • Cathy Cryder Exit Interview - The Committee met with Cathy and conducted her exit interview.  Cathy shared with us her vision of “church” and the continuing evolution of CYF ministry.
  • Meeting with the Coordinating Minister- The Committee meets on a regular basis with the Coordinating Minister. Our next meeting with Maggie will be in June.
  • Continuing Education/Professional Development- The Committee discussed continuing education activities/events proposed by Maggie and Deborah. The Committee also discussed possible professional development opportunities for Jordan and Alicia.
  • Maggie’s Anniversary- Today is the 30th anniversary of Maggie’s ordination. We celebrate this event and are blessed to have her leadership.

Outreach Committee

Patricia Alexis, Chair

  • Springhouse:  Amanda Paetkau provided a small plant and cinnamon buns for the Mother’s Day celebration for each of the moms. These gifts were warmly received by the moms. Comfort in a Bag work continues with Sabina and Patricia.
  • First United: The Focus on First Campaign contributions will buy the needed items as requested from First. Sweatpants, underwear and then socks are the most needed items at this time.
  • Truth and Reconciliation:  The Letter writing campaign is being revised and will redraft a letter encouraging the government to do more consultation with the First Nation People. Red Dress Day was supported at the Memorial Center and around the city by hanging re dresses as a reminder of the lost women from the DTES.
  • Refugee Committee: Maggie and Jean continue to work on sponsorship issues. Admin work only is being done Sixty thousand requests have been processed. Canada is not issuing any new visas at this time.
  • Climate Action: Earth Day photos were made into a collage to raise more awareness about climate change.

Spiritual Nurture Committee

Chris Epting, Chair


The Library committee is developing a program highlighting an author.  The intent is to spend a month showcasing the author and their books to congregation.  The library committee is intending to start this program in September.

Hosted Coffee Hour

May 23rd was our final hosted coffee hour for the Spring and Summer season.  Depending on the situation in September we may continue this program.

Zoom meetings

Many groups under the Spiritual Nurture umbrella continue to meet via Zoom, such as: Questioning Faith, the Isaiah Bible Study, Centering Prayer, Pastoral Care, and The Third Place.

Planning for the Fall

Fall plans at this time are uncertain as we are unsure what restrictions regarding Covid are in place.  As a result we are intending to meet throughout the summer to finalize plans for the Fall.  Some ideas have included:

  • Prayers for the People workshop
  • Introduction to Centring Prayer workshop
  • Prayer Bead workshop

Trustees Report

Doug Smart, Chair

  • Rudy Kerklaan of Connor Clarke, and Lunn presented an update to the Trustees of our investment portfolios effective April 29, 2021.
  • The trustees considered an Email from Julie Poznanski with respect to the requirement to collect GST on the rental income of 2291 West 45th Ave. 
  • The Trustees expressed concern about the ownership structure of the numbered company 098985 BC Ltd owning 2291 West 45th Ave. It was agreed that Mark Paetkau on behalf of the Trustees would have follow-up discussions with relevant parties about having the property owned directly by the Trustees on behalf the Congregation as is the arrangement with the other properties.


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